Day One

Today marks the official launch of the MX0WVV website and the start of Team Wave.

Team Wave naturally evolved as a group of like-minded technology enthusiasts with amateur radio at the core of our interests. We’ve already got a growing list of things in play to support the tech, hacker and amateur radio community, focused around but not limited to Norfolk, UK

It’s an exciting time where hopefully we can bring more operators into the services we’re already hosting, specifically our Mattermost chat (please visit Town Square and say hi!) and XLX reflector

We’re working hard on developing more features and projects, to name a few:

  • Asterisk PBX for voice communication with plans to integrate with AllStarLink & Hamshack Hotline
  • AllStarLink to D-Star bridging between GB3VW Wymondham and our reflector, XLXWVV Module A
  • AX.25 packet network, based around the city of Norwich and surrounding areas
  • 10 meter super-repeater

In addition, we’re very interested in your own projects and welcome anyone with an interest in sharing your ideas & progress, helping out with on-going projects or simply coming along to join the conversation

Many thanks to the founding team members for their support in getting the site live, especially to Rik M7GMT for his web design and James M0ZAH for the API development

See you in chat and on the air!