XLX Reflector

At Team Wave, we’re aiming to bring FM and Digital amateur radio communication together in the Norfolk area.

XLXWVV has been created with a longer term view in mind to bridge GB3VW (70cm repeater located in Wymondham, Norfolk) with a far further reach through the AllStarLink and D-Star Networks

About The Reflector

XLXWVV is built around the xlxd multi-mode reflector project, configured with two modules:

  • Module A – This will become the permanent link to our AllStar bridge and GB3VW in Wymondham
  • Module B – Reserved for D-Star only communication, should users prefer to have a ragchew between D-Star hotspots or similar

How To Connect

To connect to XLXWVV, please issue the URCALL command XLXWVVAL to link to Module A, or replace the 7th character for the module of choice. Please note whilst xlxd supports the common D-Star protocols (DPLUS, XRF, DCS etc) your local repeater or hotspot may require specific protocols to be used. XLXWVV is therefore also recognised as REFWVV, DCSWVV and XRFWVV in order to maintain compatibility


In the coming weeks we’ll start to make public our AllStar bridging node which will allow AllStar to D-Star connectivity to further broaden availability. Shortly after, GB3VW will go live on AllStar and be permanently connected to the bridge & XLX reflector

We welcome you to use the system as it develops to to bring more conversation, rag-chews, regular nets and to help promote local FM & Digital activity