Welcome to Team Wave

Team Wave is a group of individuals interested in technology and communication that came together through amateur radio to form the hacker collective, hive mind. Now operating as MX0WVV for nets and field day operations with a convergent mindset combining RF and digital modes of operation to make radio and technology accessible to the masses.

Centred around Norfolk England symbiotically with the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club. Our goal is the convergence of like minded individuals working collectively to enjoy our hobbies and further our knowledge. With the ethos of open source hacker collective taking on the future as one, having fun and most of all communicating.

The Team Wave collective is open to all no matter what your skill level is, from any walk of life. We welcome to join us on this journey with an open mind and honest opinions. All we ask is that you take on other views and opinions with an open and honest mind.


Information about the various repeaters we run.

AllStar User Guide

Quick reference for how to use our AllStar enabled repeaters.

HF Hotness

See what’s happening right now on the HF bands.