Allstar User Guide

The following is intended as a quick reference. For more in-depth information, please see the AllStar documentation.

General AllStar commands

Code Command Example/notes
*1 Link Disconnect Disconnect from node 1234: *11234
*2 Link Connect (monitor only) Connect to node 1234 in monitor mode: *21234
*3 Link Connect Connect to node 1234: *31234
*70 Link Status (Locally connected nodes)
*71 Disconnect Permanently Connected Links
*73 Disconnect ALL Links
*75 Full Status If connected to a large hub, this could time out the repeater!
*77 Reconnect Links (Disconnected by command above)
*81 Announce local time
*980 App_rpt version

Macros (shortcuts)

Code Command
*51 Connect to WaveNet (the Team Wave MEGAREPEATER)
*52 Connect to Hubnet
*53 Connect to GB3PI
*54 Connect to GB3PE
*55 Connect to GB7TX (Currently Disabled)
*56 Connect to GB3IP
*57 Connect to Milnet

Echolink via AllStar

Echolink connections look just like Allstar connections except the Echolink node numbers have been prefixed with a 3 and padded out to 7 digits with leading zeroes. For instance, if you want to connect to Echolink node 1234 on the AllStar system you would dial *3 followed by 3001234. If you have a 6 digit Echolink node number 123456, you would dial *3 followed by 3123456. To disconnect it is the same as above but instead of *3 you would use *1.

For users originating from an Echolink node using Echolink supplied software, nothing changes for them, they just dial the Echolink node number assigned to the current repeater and it should connect.