At Team Wave, we’re aiming to bring local FM and Digital radio communication together in the Norfolk area.

WaveNet has been built to combine Analog & Digital modes across the East Anglia region as part of the ‘East Anglia Multimode’ project in collaboration with the Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth Repeater Group

XLXWVV Multimode Reflector Dashboard

How To Connect


  • To connect to XLXWVV via repeater or hotspot, please issue the URCALL command XLXWVVAL to link to Module A.
  • Please note whilst xlxd supports the common D-Star protocols (DPLUS, XRF, DCS etc) your local repeater or hotspot may require specific protocols to be used.
  • XLXWVV is therefore also recognised as REFWVV, DCSWVV and XRFWVV in order to maintain compatibility.


  • Repeater connectivity via DV Scotland Phoenix repeaters, such as GB7DS, GB7EB and GB7YL and all others on the Phoenix network via talkgroup 841.
  • This is currently user activated, but over time will likely become permanent on select repeaters in the East Anglia region.
  • Hotspot direct connection to XLXWVV is also possible, with options="XLX:4001" to connect to the multimode bridge

FM / AllStarLink

  • Access via AllStarLink node number 56969 (GB7TX). On AllStar capable repeaters, dial DTMF code *73 (disconnect all) then *356969 (connect to node 56969)
  • Echo link room 883536
  • Please note: These node numbers may change as the system expands and further AllStar repeaters are included


  • Available via GB7TX (Beccles, Suffolk).
  • It is set as static currently, however may be configured with an SDS code at a later point

Yaesu System Fusion / C4FM

  • Connect through Yaesu Fusion / C4FM repeaters and hotspots via our YSF compatible XLXWVV reflector (Room Number 00841)
  • To access from a hotspot please search for YSF room 00841 or XLXWVV.