Packet Radio

It might be “old hat” by modern internet standards, but connecting computers together via RF can be a lot of fun, and Team Wave are all about having fun!

We currently have several packet stations on the air on 144.950 MHz FM, all 1200 baud AFSK, although not all are up 24/7.

  • GB7MSX – Burgh Castle – Digipeater/Node/BBS/Chat
  • GB7MXM – Stonham Aspal – Digipeater/Node/BBS/Chat
  • GB7PKT – North Walsham – Digipeater/Node/BBS/Chat
  • GB7XTF – Beccles/Bungay – Digipeater/Node/BBS/Chat
  • GB7ZAH – Norwich – Digipeater
  • M7GMT-5 – Wymondham – Digipeater/Node/BBS/Chat
  • MB7NAF – Wymondham – Digipeater

Chat is linked between most stations, so no matter which one you join, you are in the same “room”. Most of these stations also have internet links (at least to GB7CIP-5, which is the UK’s main hub), which means you can hop off to nodes all around the world.

We’re currently working on conventions for SSIDs and Aliases to improve clarity and ease of use.