2 Meter VHF repeater based in Wymondham, Norfolk. Spends most of it’s time connected to WaveNet.

Output: 145.600 Mhz
Input: 145.000 Mhz
CTCSS: 94.8 Hz
AllStar node: 49026

AllStar Dashboard | AllStar User Guide

Please note you should use narrow FM (NFM). Please set your deviation to narrow.


TRX: Kenwood TK752 (x2)
Duplexer: DPRH4-6-2M (
Antenna: Diamond V2000
Logic: G8SDU (VK5DJ design)
Allstar: Raspberry PI -> USB CM108

Logic user guide:

Access via 94.8Hz
Timeout = 4 minutes
ID = 10 minutes
Hangtime (txhold) = 3 seconds