Update 2024-03-01: GB3NZ has been merged into GB3TX. This page is left up for historical reasons.

2 Meter VHF repeater based in Wymondham, Norfolk. Spends most of it’s time connected to WaveNet.

Output: 145.600 Mhz
Input: 145.000 Mhz
CTCSS: 94.8 Hz
AllStar node: 49026

AllStar Dashboard | AllStar User Guide

Please note you should use narrow FM (NFM). Please set your deviation to narrow.

TRX: Tait TB7100
Duplexer: DPRH4-6-2M (
Antenna: Diamond V2000
Logic: Custom

Logic user guide:

Access via 94.8Hz
Timeout = 10 minutes
ID = 10 minutes
Hangtime (txhold) = 8 seconds

A valid carrier is a transmission with ctcss that lasts at least 3 seconds.

A valid carrier of >3 seconds will latch the repeater. Signals shorter than this will not latch the repeater from cold. Once a valid carrier ends a 1200Hz beep is sent. If the last station was via the link the beep is shorter.

The timeout timer is reset only after the beep. If you jump the beep you inherit the previous stations timeout counter.

CWID is sent every 10 minutes no matter the state (excluding timeout). If the repeater is idle the letter F is appended to the callsign.