Update 2024-03-01: GB3VW has been merged into GB3TX. This page is left up for historical reasons.

The UHF repeater GB3VW was first operational on December 2020. Since then the repeater has moved from Thorpe-St-Andrew to Wymondham (2022). As part of this move the frequency was changed from UR63 to RU65. Spends most of it’s time connected to WaveNet.

Output: 430.8125 MHz
Input: 438.4125 MHz
CTCSS: 82.5 Hz
AllStar node: 49025

AllStar Dashboard | AllStar User Guide

Please note you should use narrow FM (NFM). Please set your deviation to narrow.


GB3VW is located in Wymondham


Antenna: Diamond X50
Feedline: Messi & Paoloni 13
Receiver/Transmitter: Hytera RD625
Duplexers: Motorola
Controller: M0ZAH MK1

Please note, the repeater is a narrow 12.5Khz system. Please set your radio to narrow FM (NFM). Tone burst 1750Hz is supported. In strong winds the tower is lowered for safety reasons.

A big thank you to Tim M1MIT for donating a Diamond X50 for the project and Nikki M7SUP and family for the site.

Logic operation:

A carrier with CTCSS of > 2 seconds from idle is required to latch the repeater. You can also use 1750Hz to open the repeater, once the repeater is open no further tones are required. Signals shorter than this will open the repeater but the repeater will close 250ms after the carrier drops.

Once the repeater has latched signals > 2 seconds will receive the unique “door open” beep. Signals without CTCSS will receive the lower pitch “door open” beep. The hangtime is 5 seconds in which time a carrier can open the repeater. The repeater sends its callsign every 13.3 minutes. There is a 5 minute timeout timer, the timeout counter is reset when the input signal clears. On every 30th tail drop the repeater send a close down ID at 680Hz.