GB3TX overhaul

Today, Tim and removed the repeater hardware and installed a temporary repeater on UHF. This means at this time GB3TX UHF is on the air (430.8125) CTCSS 94.8Hz. This repeater supports NFM, D-Star and Fusion (local only). Hopefully we can get the network working and use the digital modes over the internet.

The other equipment is now home on the bench. I’m integrating a new controller and will perform extensive bench tests before returning to site.

Signal reports for the UHF repeater welcome. It’s running the same power as the original hardware so the signal should be around the same.

Repeater details:
TOT: 4m
HOG: 20m (Please let the repeater transmitter drop at least once every 20 minutes).
Keychunk: 3 seconds
Pip keychunk: 2 seconds
CW: DE GB3TX is sent on first key up.

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