Christmas Repeater Crawl 2023

Tis the season to be jolly, so what better way to spread the festive cheer than a good old pub repeater crawl!?

The idea is to have a few drinks, visit as many local repeaters as the group can reasonably reach, make some noise on the air, and generally have a bit of a laugh.

We’ll initially be meeting up on GB3NZ at 20:00 on Saturday 23rd December 2023 and working our way around the list below, ending up back on the Team Wave “home” repeater of GB3VW.

Order (subject to change):

  1. GB3NZ
  2. GB3NB
  3. GB3NR
  4. GB7NB
  5. GB7DS
  6. GB3AH
  7. GB3VW

We could also link the digital repeaters together via the Team Wave MEGAREPEATER, so people can come in from whatever box works for them. Looking forward to meeting up with you all, and please let everyone know by sharing this link. Hope you can join us!

Tech Net on Tuesday 22 November at 19:30 GMT

We are running their second ‘tech net’ on Tuesday 22 November at 19:30 GMT

The net will be hosted on GB3NZ, GB3VW and DMR TG841 – East Anglia Multimode. The subject is “Team Wave – What we’ve been up to and where we’re going”.

Everyone welcome!

Please see below for ways to join:

Output: 145.600
Input: 145.000
CTCSS: 94.8Hz

Output: 430.8125
Input: 438.4125
CTCSS: 82.5Hz

DMR – DVS Phoenix repeaters (e.g. GB7YL, GB7EB, GB7DS) via talk group 841 Slot 2


NXDN – Talk group 841


Yaesu System Fusion – Via Rooom 00841

EchoLink – Search for GB3VW.

Our first packet net

It’s been talked about for a long time, but we’ve finally set a date for our first packet net; Saturday 17th September at 20:00 – 144.950FM.

With so few of us within simplex range of each other, digipeating will be essential, so please make sure this is enabled in your TNC if you’re taking part. The more stations we can get involved, the better this will work, so if your station is packet-capable, please dust off your TNC and join in.

Stations confirmed so far:

  1. M0XTF Tony – Bungay
  2. M0VCX John – Watton
  3. M1MIT Tim – Norwich
  4. M5MSX Martin – Gt. Yarmouth
  5. M7GMT Rik – Attleborough

As this will be the first attempt, we’ll be figuring out who can hear who, and exactly how paths should be configured, but if all goes well, this could become a regular thing, perhaps alternating with a 2m JS8 net. We could call it SaturDATA. 🙂