MX0WVV UHF linking project

The future is fun! As part of our linking project at Wymondham, we plan to grow into the Norwich too. These repeaters will be linked to GB3TX and consist of UHF base stations. See further down for locations and planned frequencies.

You will often hear the “we have enough repeaters” comment. While that is true, we plan on providing linking on top of the traditional repeater network. Our aim is to cover as much of Norfolk as possible, creating a local linked network. This brings local users together preventing silofication.

External linking
As always, we allow external linking. However the predominant use is for local repeaters in Norfolk. Repeaters will disconnect idle links and return to their ‘home’ connection.

We don’t often ask for money, most of our projects have been self funded. However in this case, things are starting to get expensive. Any donations are gratefully received. Please contact Jim M0ZAH via email (

Location, Callsign, O/P Frequency, I/P Frequency, Tone
Thorpe St Andrew MX0WVV 430.900 438.500 94.8
Horsham St Faith  MX0WVV 430.925 438.525 94.8

GB0WFD – Winter Field Day 2023

TeamWave will be taking part in the WFD using the call sign GB0WFD.

Below is a message from our Mattermost system.

Thankyou to all of you for your support as at the beginning of the journey with The TeamWave collective. We are happy to announce our first meet up for this year on Sunday the 29th of January. We will be taking part in winter field day as GB0WFD at the NZ and VW site in Wymondham. It is at Standley steel stockholders NR189JD all are welcome but we will be working out of a little shed so please let us know if your interested in coming along.
Within the TeamWave ethos you are encouraged to come along and work the station. Get hands on with us and play some radio. We will be messing around with antennas in the field and there will be tea and coffee provided. If you would like food please bring it along with you. If you would like to come along please let us know in the DXpeditions feed.

If you’d like more information please contact us on our chat system.